Why Mount Kelly Babies and Toddlers?

An Authentic British Education in Hong Kong

At Mount Kelly Babies and Toddlers, we ensure an authentic British education by following the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. This curriculum, which works towards developing confident, independent learners through our play-based learning approach, prepares your child for the journey in British education at Mount Kelly.

All lessons at Mount Kelly Babies and Toddlers are conducted in English. At the beginning of their Mount Kelly journey, your child will be introduced to simple English language including colours, shapes, instructions and songs to build their understanding and prepare them for their future at Mount Kelly and beyond.

We Cater to the Individual Child

At Mount Kelly, we recognise that each child is unique. We celebrate and cater to the diverse needs of each child, through our wide range of programmes. Each programme has a personalised curriculum and individual approach centred around our aims a philosophy. 

Our diverse programmes are brought to life by our passionate and experienced native English teachers. They share a unified belief in our philosophy that children learn best through play. Our teachers strive to maintain a balance between laying the foundations for academic success as well as supporting your child to be life-long learners with skills that will support long after they leave Mount Kelly. 

Transition to Mount Kelly International Preschool

Mount Kelly Hong Kong offers a true all-through education from infancy to pre-university level. We provide a smooth transition from our Babies and Toddlers classes to our International Nursery School and further. Observations documented in an EYFS Profile will be complied throughout your child's journey and passed on their next teacher to ensure a seamless transition.

Partnership with Parents

Parents play a pivotal role in each child's educational journey, which we will welcome and encourage at Mount Kelly Babies and Toddlers. We value this relationship and thoroughly support parental involvement in all our classes with guidance and support from our teachers. 

Enriching Environment

We appreciate that an enabling environment is crucial to supporting and broadening a child's learning and development. We provide stimulating and engaging facilities from our Play Zone (including a ball pit and trampoline) to our miniature kitchen role play area all of which contribute to an enriching and supportive environment for your child to learn and grow in all learning areas of the EYFS.