Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

At Mount Kelly Babies and Toddlers, we follow the British National Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. Using an integrated approach to learning through play, teachers plan activities that cover on or all of the seven learning areas of the EYFS. These seven learning areas of learning combine to make up the skills, knowledge and experiences that children acquire as they grow, learn and develop.

The EYFS is divided into 7 areas of learning that combine to make up the skills, knowledge and experiences that children acquire as they grow, learn and develop. 

  • Prime Areas: lay the foundations for children’s success in all other areas of learning and in life.
    and Language
    Personal, Social
    and Emotional Development
  • Specific Areas: provide a range of experiences and opportunities for children to broaden their knowledge and skills.
    Mathematics Expressive
    Arts and Design
    the World

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Prime and Specific Areas of the EYFS

Our approach to early childhood education has been formed by the 4 overarching principles of the EYFS:

The four overarching principles of the EYFS

Our teachers ensure challenging, playful opportunities across the prime and specific areas of learning and development and foster the Characteristics of Effective Early Learning.


The everyday process of teaching and learning necessitates ongoing assessment for learning in all our Babies and Toddlers classes, as teachers observe and record children's skills, knowledge and attitudes throughout each session. Teachers use these observations to plan for and implement unique learning experiences for every individual child. For children in our Babies and Toddlers classes who have applied for our Pre-Nursery class or Preschool, observations will be documented in an EYFS Profile for each child. This is compiled throughout their journey in Mount Kelly and will be passed on to the next teacher at the end of each year.