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Early Years Summer Discovery Programme

Programme Age Adult Accompanied Class Instruction Duration Venue

Bumblebee Crawlers

6 – 11 months Yes Twice a week English 1 hour

Babies and Toddlers Centre

(Tsim Sha Tsui & Jordan)

Hedgehog Movers

12 – 18 months

Badger Walkers

19 – 24 months

Red deer Explorers

25 – 36 months 1.5 hour

Transition Class

2 – 3 years old No Five times a week English  2 hours Babies and Toddlers Centre (Jordan)

Preschool Playscheme

3 – 5 years old English 3 hours


Session Dates

*For Bumblebee Crawlers, Hedgehog Movers, Badger Walkers & Red deer Explorers

(6-36 months; Accompanied)


*For Transition class (2-3 years old; Unaccompanied; Mon-Fri)

8 – 12 Jul 2019 (5 lessons)

15 – 19 Jul 2019 (5 lessons)

22 – 26 Jul 2019 (5 lessons)

29 Jul – 2 Aug 2019 (5 lessons)


*For Preschool Playscheme (3-5 years old; Unaccompanied; Mon-Fri)

8 – 12 Jul 2019 (5 lessons)

15 – 19 Jul 2019 (5 lessons)

22 – 26 Jul 2019 (5 lessons)

29 Jul – 2 Aug 2019 (5 lessons)


Course Fee

$350-1 hour, $400-1 and ½ hour, $450-2 hours per lesson, $550-3 hours per lesson

*Early-bird promotion (before 30 May) & enroll for whole session: 15% off

Enroll for whole session after 30 May: 5% off


Programme Details

Join us to have fun and adventures this Summer.

In our summer programme, children will experience the excitement of learning as they take on a new adventure each week. Through fun and laughter, children will understand the world around us with different topics and develop different areas of learning while they are joining in with role plays, drama games, storytelling, science experiments, cooking activities and more. Dig deep in your dressing up box and come dressed up as a related character, person or object each week. Taught by a team of experienced and qualified teachers, children will be immersed in an environment where they will build confidence in communicating in English.

Below you will find some of our summer programme topics that children will explore, take part in and discover during their time with us.


Food: Restaurant

This week our little chefs will be hands on as they cook up some culinary delights and discover new exciting foods. Cooking is a fun way for children to work together and develop their social and emotional skills, while also helping with mathematics as we measure ingredients. Don’t forget to bring your apron and hat!


Animals: Safari

Dress up as your favourite animal and be ready to use your imagination. We’ll work on our gross motor skills by pretending to be safari animals and explore ‘Expressive Arts and Design’ from the EYFS curriculum as we create some animal themed art.


Transport: Going on Holiday

How are you going on holiday this year? Car, plane, bus? Bring your suitcases as we set out on our trip to discover different types of transport and help us understand the world. We’ll play with a range of vehicles, helping children to learn about movement, direction and working on their motor skills.


Season: Summer (beach)

To acknowledge the changing of the seasons we will be celebrating all things summer including exploring the beach in our sunglasses, hats and, of course, our beach wear! We’ll play with sand and water which are not only fun activities but are also beneficial for children to develop their co-ordination and mathematics skills through pouring and measuring in different size containers.


Nature: Gardening

Get your green fingers ready as this week we discover the world of gardening. Expect some messy, sensory play, a great way to develop children’s language, social interaction and motor skills. And why not dress up as your favourite flower?


Fairy Tales

This week open your imagination to the fairy tale world of Mount Kelly. Dress up as a beloved fairy tale character and become engrossed in fairy tale stories as this week we focus on literacy from our EYFS curriculum.


People: Community Helpers

As part of ‘Understanding the World’ in our EYFS curriculum, we will discover community helpers. Get building as a construction worker, plant some food as a farmer, or patrol the local community as a police officer, there are lots of roles to choose from!


Sports: Summer Olympics

To encourage physical development and develop children’s motor skills we will be hosting our first Mount Kelly Summer Olympics. Come in your sports gear and be ready for some sport themed fun and games.