Explore and Learn Sessions

Our Explore and Learn programme uses a unique theme-based curriculum aligned with the children's current interests. Each month, one theme threads through each area of early learning and development. These constitute the skills, knowledge and experiences appropriate for babies and children as they grow, learn and develop.

Teachers provided purposeful learning opportunities in the form of circle times, music and movement games, number and letter activities and science experiments, and actively encourage an accompanying parent or caregiver to facilitate learning too. Skill development is interwoven into each planned activity, beginning with what a child already knows, then facilitating the mastering of concepts and attention skills as the sessions progress.

Language Learning

The thematic curriculum promotes English language development through simple conversations about discoveries and concepts. The teacher guides and inspires children to use new English vocabulary and build on sentence structures using guided play and instruction.

Developmental focus

We provide a holistic educational experience for your child to develop in the following areas:

Language Early Childhood Mathematics Physical Fitness and Health
Nature and Living Arts and Creativity Self and Society


Below you will find some interesting topics that children will explore, enquire and discover more about during their time with us.

Programme Age Programme Details

Curious Clownfish

12 - 18 months
Children at 12 to 18 months are beginning to move around and love to explore their world through their senses. With sensory-focused activities immersed with language and literacy-rich activities, children in our Clownfish class can physically manipulate numbers, letters, colours and shapes through messy and explorative play facilitated by a teacher. The physical environment is set up to encourage exchanges and social interactions with parents/caregivers and other children, as well as develop both their large and small motor skills in readiness for deeper academic learning as they grow. 

Discovering Dolphins

19-24 months

We aim to fascinate and delight our Discovering Dolphins as they actively interact with people and resources in their environment. Books, print and a variety of purposefully-provided materials that foster mathematical and alphabetical language and conceptual understanding are accessible for children to choose from as they are guided to make sense of the world around them. An integrated approach to physical development, social learning, and understanding the natural world is fostered through the provision of real-life resources, social games and tumble time activities.