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Explore and Learn Sessions

Regular: Medium of Instruction – English

The Explore and Learn Programme uses a unique theme-based curriculum aligned with the children’s current interests. Each month, one theme threads through each area of early learning and development. These constitute the skills, knowledge and experiences appropriate for babies and children as they grow, learn and develop.

With an emphasis on establishing regular routines along with well-planned activities, children will enjoy being inquisitive and explorative, and become keen learners.

Developmental focus:

We provide a holistic educational experience for your child to develop in the following areas:

  • Language
  • Early Childhood Mathematics  
  • Physical Fitness and Health
  • Nature and Living   
  • Arts and Creativity 
  • Self and Society

Below you will find some interesting topics that children will explore, enquire and discover more about during their time with us.

Programme Age Programme Details

Discovering Dolphins

12-18 months

~ “Happy Smiles”, “Teddy bears”, “Pond Life”, “Traffic lights”, “Rainbow Food” and more

Based on the different themes related to children’s daily life, we provide a wide range of activities including fine motor games, singing and pretend play.

Wise Whales


19 - 24 months

~ “Move your Body”, “Lego”, “Ocean Life”, “The Little Engine”, “Sticky Food” and more

A series of interesting topics with theme-related and interactive activities including motor skill tasks, letter fun, exploring sessions, and simple board games.