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At Mount Kelly Babies and Toddlers, we follow the British National Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum.

Using an integrated approach to learning through play, teachers plan activities that cover one or all of the 7 learning areas of the EYFS. Click here for the curriculum overview of the EYFS https://foundationyears.org.uk/files/2012/03/Development-Matters-FINAL-PRINT-AMENDED.pdf


Language Learning

Stay and Play Programmes

Our Stay and Play Programmes are conducted in English by a native English-speaking teacher. Children are encouraged to listen to English stories and sing English songs to build upon their language acquisition and extend their vocabulary.

The Stay and Play classroom creates a fun, rich and anxiety-free language environment, which stimulates children’s interest and creativity.

Explore and Learn

The thematic curriculum in the Explore and Learn Programmes promotes English language development through simple conversations about discoveries and concepts. The teacher guides and inspires children to use new English vocabulary and build on sentence structures using guided play and instruction.


The medium of instruction in pre-nursery is English. Children are encouraged to listen to English stories and sing English songs, as well as use English during their play.

The native-speaking Chinese language teacher joins the children during part of their continuous provision time every day to facilitate learning through play, in Mandarin. As well as this she will deliver a Chinese circle time, which includes stories and songs. The Chinese teacher works together with the class teacher to deliver Mandarin language, pre-reading and pre-writing games, and cultural activities for the pupils to access in rotation.

Assessment for Learning

The everyday process of teaching and learning necessitates ongoing assessment for learning in all our Babies and Toddlers classes, as teachers observe and record children’s skills, knowledge and attitudes throughout each session. Teachers use these observations to plan for and implement unique learning experiences for every individual child.

Pre-nursery Portfolio

Documentation of the learning and development of each child in Pre-nursery is made through regular formal and informal observations, discussions, records of conversations and children’s work.

Evidence towards the completion of the EYFS Profile is compiled throughout and is passed on to the next teacher at the end of each year. Each individual child’s profile supports teachers in planning the next steps for their development in the 7 learning areas, and is communicated to parents regularly, as well as at our twice-yearly parents’ consultation meetings.

Pre-nursery Reports

The Autumn and Summer Term Pre-Nursery Reports include details of the child’s characteristics of learning and a written summary of the child’s attainments against the Early Learning Goals, stating whether your child is:

·       Meeting expected levels of development (expected)

·       Exceeding expected levels or, (exceeding)

·       Not yet reaching expected levels (emerging)